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        Environmental Guidelines / Environmental Rules

        Environmental Guidelines

        We consider that our number one mission is to satisfy our customers by providing safe and high-quality products and services.

        1. Responsibility for business activities

        We fulfill our corporate responsibilities in environmental protection, loss reduction, effective use and recycling of resources, energy conservation, waste reduction, and prevention of environmental pollution throughout our business activities.

        2. Cooperation with customers and disclosure of information

        We listen to the customer feedback and work with them on environmental protection, and then inspect, document and disclose the results to all our other customers and employees.

        3. Cooperation with local communities and social contribution

        We consider environmental issues in corporation with communities and implement continuous social contribution activities in the environmental field to fulfill our role as a corporate citizen.

        4. Employee responsibility and awareness

        We ensure that all our employees act, based on these environmental guidelines, with an awareness of their own roles in regard to environmental issues in their respective positions within the company and within society.

        5. Setting and reviewing environmental targets

        We enhance our efforts each year, comply with environment-related laws and regulations, and set and annually review voluntary targets in each area of our corporate activities.

        Environmental Rules

        1. Responsibility in business activities

        Environmental responsibility for products
        Provision 1: Production and procurement in consideration of environmental safety
        Provision 2: Proposal of environment-friendly products

        Loss reduction in all areas of business activities
        Provision 3: Loss reduction, energy conservation in store facilities, and operational resource conservation
        Provision 4: Resource conservation in service activities provided to customers

        Promotion of waste treatment and recycling
        Provision 5: Treatment responsible for waste and reduction of waste
        Provision 6: Promotion of recycling and development of recycling system

        Environmental maintenance inside and outside stores
        Provision 7: Cleanliness in stores and communities
        Provision 8: Environment-friendly logistics

        2. Cooperation with business partners on environmental issues

        Provision 9: Cooperation with business partners

        3. Cooperation with local communities and customers and social contribution

        Provision 10: Cooperation with communities and customers
        Provision 11: Environmental social contribution
        Provision 12: Disclosure of information

        4. Responsibility and awareness of employees

        Provision 13: Employee education activities

        5. Organization and environmental auditing

        Provision 14: Organization and implementation of each company
        Provision 15: Environmental audits
        Provision 16: Establishment of Seven & i Holdings Environment Subcommittee